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I just want to tell you how impressed I am with how the scanner has been received by both the pharmacists and technicians at Reading.  They are always scanning; I find them training each other. I have received numerous comments like "this is great", "impressive" etc.

Reading Hospital
Reading, PA

Central Pharmacy

Verify the correct placement of medications in ADCs, crash carts, anesthesia trays, etc.

Standardizes the process of creating compounds and IVs by using recipes, templates, and label barcodes

Works with barcode scanners to convert the data found in medication barcodes and outputs the 11-digit NDC number into any application 

Outpatient Pharmacy

A mobile scanning system that provides prescription verification during the medication filling process 

Patient Care Areas

Accurate medication restocking for dispensing machines, anesthesia trays, code boxes, etc. 

Patient Bedside

Correct scanning of medication during bedside scanning

Ensuring that infants receive the correct breast milk using barcode verification