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Perpetual Inventory for Drug Samples, 340B Drugs and Vaccines

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I really like the products and look forward to working with RxScan for many years to come.  RxScan’s transaction logging provides accountability tracers to ascertain that barcoding is actually being preformed.  Their products are accurate yet flexible to meet the needs of any pharmacy work flow.  RxScan is always responsive and always has a solution.

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Drug is a real-time perpetual inventory system that streamlines the sample tracking process. Hospital owned medical clinics are able to comply with The Joint Commission's recommendations on handling medication samples. is a perpetual inventory system available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription.


  • Patient specific dispensing records
  • On demand patient labels with dosing instructions for each medication
  • Prescription pad labels for enhanced legibility and efficiency
  • Inventory tracking by NDC, lot number, and expiration date

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DrugSample can easily manage multiple drug inventories for clinics with mulitple offices and medication storage locations..