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In today's economic times, retail pharmacies face many challenges ranging from fluctuating demand, slim profit margins, increased large chain competition, and reduced staffing budgets. RxScan understands the difficulties that pharmacies deal with every day. Our products seamlessly fit into any pharmacy’s existing workflow, decrease dispensing errors which ultimately reduce liability.

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The RxScan bar coding system has been an invaluable addition to our pharmacies' daily operations. We have five stores and the RxScan has provided us with a cost friendly and effective way to improve our safety and efficiency.  Accuracy and patient safety are the cornerstones to the practice of pharmacy. The Rx scan has provided a solution and peace of mind. Thanks!


Multiple locations,

Prescription Verification in 2 easy steps

  1. Scan the barcode on the prescription label or receipt
  2. Scan the barcode on the stock drug container from which the prescription is to be filled


  • Mobile
  • "Out-of-the-box" solution that is ready for use
  • Affordable solution for any size pharmacy

Prescription Verifier Data Sheet

RxScan Ultra Verifier

  • Mobile
  • Out of the box solution that is ready for use
  • LCD Color display
  • QA reporting capabilities

Ultra Prescription Verifier Data Sheet

NDC Translator

  • Compatible with any software or application used in pharmacies
  • Quick and accurate product identification
  • Access to the 11 digit NDC directly from manuafacture's barcode
  • Accurate billing
  • Effortless data entry 

NDC Translator Data Sheet