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RoboCheck with lot number and expiration date


I just want to tell you both how impressed I am with how the scanner has been received by both the pharmacists and technicians at Reading.  They are always scanning; I find them training each other. I have received numerous comments like "this is great", "impressive" etc..

Reading Hospital
Reading, PA
RoboCheck® is a mobile barcode scanner that verifies the accurate placement of drugs in the medication distribution process. The scanner assists in the accurate filling of dispensing machines, pharmacy bins, crash carts, and STAT order filling.

RoboCheck with Lot Number and Expiration Date tracking provides the ability to document the lot number and expiration date of each medication scanned. When a drug is verified as being correct, an option to enter the lot number and expiration date is displayed. As a convenience, if the lot number has previously been entered it can be selected from a drop down of previously stored lot numbers.

Barcode scanning should occur in more places than just the bedside.

Top 5 places where barcode scanning should occur

  • Stocking and restocking medication in the pharmacy
  • Filling first doses, STAT orders, etc.
  • Medication storage outside of the central pharmacy
  • Filling and replenishing of crash carts, drug boxes, anesthesia trays/carts, code boxes, and stocking dispensing cabinets
  • QA checks for robot and dispensing machines


  • Allows medication to be located by lot number or expiration date
  • Customized messages for brand-to-generic and generic-to-brand scans
  • Notification of expired medication
  • Quick access to the exact location of medications which is especially useful in the case of pharmaceutical recalls

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