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Robocheck - A simple and effective way to verify the placement of medications in crash carts, dispensing machines, code boxes ect..

The RxScan bar coding system has been an invaluable addition to our pharmacies' daily operations. We have five stores and the RxScan has provided us with a cost friendly and effective way to improve our safety and efficiency.  Accuracy and patient safety are the cornerstones to the practice of pharmacy. The Rx scan has provided a solution and peace of mind.  Thanks!


Multiple locations,

RoboCheck® is a mobile barcode scanner that verifies the accurate placement of drugs during the medication distribution process. It assists in the accurate filling of dispensing machines, pharmacy bins, crash carts, and STAT orders.

While using the RoboCheck, the software tracks the user, medication, location, and the date and time of each scan. From this, quality assurance reports are generated using that data and our RxScan Reports Software. This reporting software is an easy-to-use tool for reviewing the data collected from the scanner and preparing audit reports. For enhanced usability, this data may also be exported to Excel to be further analyzed. Report data from any date range is stored and accesible at your fingertips.This is unllike other popular reporting software with unrealistic 30 day windows. 

Barcode scanning should occur in more places than just the bedside.

Top 5 areas where barcode scanning should occur:

1.  Stocking and restocking medication in the pharmacy

2.  Filling first doses, STAT orders, etc.

3.  Medication storage outside of the central pharmacy

4.  Filling and replenishing of Crash Carts, drug boxes, anesthesia trays/carts, code boxes, and dispensing cabinets

5.  QA checks for robot and dispensing machines


  • Customizable message options for brand-to-generic and generic-to-brand scans
  • Notification of expired medication when included in the barcode
  • Full reporting capibilites included in the RoboCheck kit

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