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RxAdmix- A tool used for creating compounds, IV’s, injections, admixtures and TPN’s syringes etc. 

I really like the products and look forward to working with RxScan for many years to come.  RxScan’s transaction logging provides accountability tracers to ascertain that barcoding is actually being preformed.  Their products are accurate yet flexible to meet the needs of any pharmacy work flow.  RxScan is always responsive and always has a solution.

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RxAdmixRxAdmix® is designed to improve accuracy during the compounding of pharmaceuticals in any pharmacy. RxAdmix features a host of compound preparation safety improvements including automated preparation calculations, step by step compounding instructions, barcode scanning to confirm correct ingredient selection, and label printing according to ISMP standards. We offer a library of 300+ standard infusion concentrations to each client. Each includes step by step instruction that improve safety, efficiency, and documentation.

RxAdmix enables each hospital or institution to have their own customized Compound Preparation Worksheets with ingredient verification barcodes.

How it Works:

The RxAdmix software compares the NDC number of the medication's barcode to the corresponding barcode on the compound preparation worksheet. The scanner alerts the user with both audible and visual message to indicate if the selected drug is an equivilent of the drug called for on the Preparation Worksheet.

  1. Print a Compound Preparation Worksheet
  2. Gather ingredients
  3. Scan employee badge
  4. Scan worksheet ingredient barcode
  5. Scan drug


  • Provides complete QA documentation of all compounding activity

  • Documentation searchable by preparation date, expiration date, lot number, ingredient, or NDC number
  • One centralized location for all compounding material

  • Operates the same hardware as other RxScan solutions

RxAdmix at Data Sheet (pdf)

RxAdmix Preparation Worksheet (pdf)
RxAdmix Compound Label Example (pdf)

Potential Consequences of a Pharmacy Compounding Error

  • Patient safety compromised
  • Damage to staff confidence
  • Decreased department morale
  • Pharmacy department’s credibility jeopardized
  • Hospital image flawed
  • Financial impact personally and on the organization
  • Criminal malpractice liability

California Board of Pharmacy Regulations


RxAdmix recommends using the Epson SecurColor on-demand color printer. It provides hospitals with the able to reduce operational risks, lower departmental costs, and improve patient care. For an added level of safety, the SecurColor printer allows pharmacies to produce labels with impeccably clear barcodes, vivid color, and easy to read text. 

RxAdmix Preparation Worksheet (pdf)
RxAdmix Compound Label Example (pdf)

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