UD Check

A simple, stand alone solution that verifies the proper labeling and packaging of medications.

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UD Check

UD Check - A quick and accurate way to ensure that unit dose packaging is done correctly.

With the addition of hand scanners to the ADM, we now can stock virtually everything by barcode. It is a simple handheld solution for "unit of use/unit dose packaging” that utilizes barcode technology to improve dispensing safety from receipt to med station. RxScan provides extremely fast, accurate product support!

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How it Works

UD Check® Verification in 3 Simple Steps:


  1. Scan User ID
    Each user may have a unique badge ID. This allows for identifying users during QA analysis.
  2. Scan Label Bar Code
    Scan the new label’s NDC barcode and visually compare the drug information printed on the label to the information on the scanner screen. Make sure the label’s drug information is the same as on the scanner’s screen.
  3. Scan Manufacturers Label
    Scan the stock container’s barcode. This ensures that the proper drug is selected for repackaging.RxScan


  • Mobile
  • Customizable messages
  • QA documentation included


Resource Center:

UD Check Data Sheet