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Solutions that prevent medication errors, increase safety and compliment existing workflow. 

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Outpatient Pharmacy - Solutions that are designed reduce dispensing errors, increase billing accuracy and complement exsiting workflow.

I really like the products and look forward to working with RxScan for many years to come.  RxScan’s transaction logging provides accountability tracers to ascertain that barcoding is actually being preformed.  Their products are accurate yet flexible to meet the needs of any pharmacy work flow.  RxScan is always responsive and always has a solution.

Memorial Hospital

Retail pharmacies face many challenges including fluctuating demand, slim profit margins, increased large chain competition, and reduced staffing budgets. RxScan understands the difficulties that pharmacies encounter every day. RxScan’s products seamlessly fit into a pharmacy’s existing workflow and increase patient safety. Our goal is to decrease dispensing errors which ultimately reduces liability.