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RxScan and Omnicell Partnership

Omnicell Pick Verification -Central pharmacy barcode verification that is compatible with Omnicell.

I just want to tell you both how impressed I am with how the scanner has been received by both the pharmacists and technicians at Reading.  They are always scanning; I find them training each other. I have received numerous comments like "this is great", "impressive" etc.

Reading Hospital
Reading, PA

Partnering to Improve Medication Safety

RxScan® and Omnicell® have formed a partnership to provide pharmacists and technicians with an integrated solution that helps to reduce medication errors originating in the pharmacy. Omnicell’s SafetyStock customers can now use Pick Verification™ to perform barcode verification in the central pharmacy, for restock orders that are being prepared for the cabinet. The new enhancement will complement the ability to scan during restock, issue, and return at the ADC. Pick Verification has the ability to scan virtually any medication barcode being dispensed from the pharmacy.

Central Pharmacy Verification


Pick Verification offers capabilities not found in the existing version of the competitor’s solution. Technicians are able to pick one medication for multiple cabinets, which in turn streamlines workflow by minimizing wasted footsteps. The solution enables the technician to scan one or more items associated with a given ADC restock order (i.e., all 10 vials of heparin 10,000 units); thus ensuring that all of the items in the pick are correct, not just a representative sample. It also allows the pharmacists or tech-check-tech to perform a secondary check for accuracy on all restock orders before leaving the pharmacy. The scanner provides audible and visual expiration date checking for any item containing an RSS barcode, which ensures that expired medications do not reach the cabinet.


The addition of the barcode pick and verification confirmation SafetyStock Pick Verification is a logical next step in the safety for Omnicell users. The 2D barcode on the Restock Item Pick Label barcode contains the Restock ID, the Item ID and the Total Pick Quantity.


The 2D barcode contains all the human readable information on the label including:
  • Restock ID

  • Item ID

  • Area ID of the hospital, where a grouping of ADC’s are placed

  • Omni ID for the specific ADC where the drug is to be stocked

  • Pick Quantity for the specific ADC

How Pick Verification Works

In order for the picking process to begin the technician generates the batch restock labels.

1.  The technician will scan the 2D barcode on the Restock Item Pick Label and then scan the Item Barcode located on the unit-dose of the drug. The result will be a correct or error message depending on whether the item picked correctly matches the Item ID.

2.  Once the individual ADC-specific baggies are labeled with the ADC-specific Restock Label, the technician will scan the 2D barcode on the Restock Label and the item barcode on the unit-dose packaging.

3.  After the stock has been completed by the technician, the filled baggies would then have a final check by a second person (pharmacist or tech-check-tech technician),

During this process the all of the scans are captured for later use in QA reports.

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